Only if you can inspire me...

I am 36, female.
I Live in Los Angeles.

This blog is for whatever I find that moves me and makes me smile. A collection of things that inspire me to do and be a better person.

Some of it is my own photography. Others stuff I see online.

This is me. This is who I am. This is what I am. Where I have been. Where I never want to go back to. And most importantly where I am going.



I have no more time and energy, to fill this anger and resentment. To allow myself to absorb these poisonous feelings and emotions, circling constantly around my body. I can’t do this anymore… 

I’m being destroyed

The only thing that I’m glad for, is you teaching me, the necessary strength inside myself to endure this immense pain and suffering. I will learn from these past mistake and show you the person, you missed out on.

Only, I won’t be there for you, when you open your eyes. 

-A Scorpio Woman